New Book by Christine Bold, "Vaudeville Indians" on Global Circuits, 1880s-1930s

book cover of "Vaudeville Indians" on Global Circuits, 1880s-1930s

May 30, 2022: 

The People and the Text is thrilled to share news of Christine Bold's latest book, "Vaudeville Indians" on Global Circuits, 1880s-1930sThis book has now been published by Yale UP in their Henry Roe Cloud Series on American Indians and Modernity. Please consider ordering this book for your library as all royalties go to the Indigenous theatre artists who made it possible!

Please check the TPatT Collection soon to view Supplementary Materials to Bold's book, including: 

  • List of Vaudeville Indian Acts, 1880s-1930s
  • Materials by and about popular performer and playwright Go-won-go/Carrie Mohawk (Seneca Nation, 1859-1924)


Christine Bold, FRSC, is a TPatT Research Colleague, a Fulbright Canada Visiting Scholar and Smithsonian Fellow (2021-22).