In the original 2015-2021 SSHRC-funded grant for The People and the Text, or TPatT, we worked to raise the profile of the neglected literary archive in English Canada. While there is still a
tremendous amount of work still left to do, the outcomes below demonstrate that:

  • we have brought scholarly attention to understudied or forgotten works;
  • we have prioritized Indigenous literary research methods that consider our responsibilities to relevant Indigenous communities and individuals;
  • we have built a sustainable open-access bibliography of Indigenous texts, in partnership with the Canadian Writing Research Collaboratory (CWRC) as well as made available secondary materials to the general public;
  • we have advocated for systemic change in collection systems and the Indigenization of pedagogical approaches.

TPatT research colleagues Deanna Reder, Margery Fee, Treena Chambers, and Alix Shield delivering the Keynote Address for the Canadian Research Knowledge Network's 2018 Annual General Meeting (Vancouver, BC).

TPatT Keynote at CRKN Annual General Meeting (Oct. 2018)