Deanna Reder, on "Indigenous Literary Studies in Lands Claimed by Canada, 2013-2023

Linda Morra on "Learn, Teach, Challenge and Change: 3 minutes, 3 seconds

Matthew Tétreault on "Red River Poetics and the potential of the field" 3 minutes 30 seconds

Sophie McCall: "On Two Collaborative Book Projects: Devil in Deerskins and Read, Listen, Tell

Michelle Coupal: "Teaching Residential School Literatures", March 2023



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Virtual Museum of Métis History and Culture, Gabriel Dumont Institute of Native Studies and Applied Research:

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"Daniel Heath Justice on 'Why Indigenous Literatures Matter.'" The Next Chapter with Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio, June 3, 2018.

"Maria Campbell's account of being raped by a Mountie was scrubbed from her memoir Halfbreed." Interview with Deanna Reder on As It Happens, CBC Radio, June 1, 2018.

"Maria Campbell on the pain and relief of re-releasing Halfbreed with uncut account of RCMP rape." Interview on As It Happens, CBC Radio, November 29, 2019.

"What reading and storytelling means to Maria Campbell." Interview on The Next Chapter, CBC Radio, November 1, 2019.



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