Deanna Reder's SFU President's Faculty Lecture on Jim Brady and Abbie Halkett

Wednesday, March 18, 2020:

"As a literary scholar I’ve learned techniques to read and analyze stories. But I’ve always been taught to use different ways to listen to the stories shared with me by my family—that Cree and Métis stories are not so easy to hammer down, that they ask you to take responsibility for your interpretations, that stories can incur obligations.

In this lecture I will remember the 1967 unexplained disappearance of Métis leader Jim Brady and Cree councilor Abbie Halkett. I think about the stories I’ve heard and learned about them and think about the responsibilities I hold because I listened."

On 6 Feb. 2020, Deanna Reder presented (as part of the SFU President's Faculty Lecture series) a talk titled "The Obligation of Stories: Missing Jim Brady and Abbie Halkett." Check out the recorded lecture below!

Video recording provided by SFU Public Square (